Integrated Horsemanship Filosofie

The Integrity of the Horse



The IHF-Integrated Horsemanship Filosofie ivzw, the author and publisher wish to remind you that horseback riding and horse-related activities are by their nature hazardous and can result in serious injuries and even death, because of a variety of related and/or unrelated reasons including, but not limited to , the fact that behavior – weather of people or horses – can be unpredictable.

The practitioner of the IHF- Integrated Horsemanship Filosofie ivzw philosophies is strongly encourage and advised to assume responsibility for her or his own actions and personal safety by complying with all standards and other sensible equine safety procedure.

Please protect yourself by wearing a properly fitted and secure certified ASTM-SEI protective equestrian helmet and appropriate riding shoes/boots with heels, certainly when you are riding horses.

At all times use your best sense and consideration when around horses and other riders/owners/horse handlers.

The IHF- Integrated Horsemanship Filosofie ivzw is unable to replace the IHF-practitioner’s own sound/healthy judgment and good decision making, nor can it disclose all of the potential hazards and/or risks the IHF-practitioner might encounter.

The study materials offered and the shared information is far away from a guarantee or promise of any results you may or are unable to obtain.

Although believing that the advice provided by the IHF- Integrated Horsemanship Filosofie ivzw is sound and well-founded, remember that it is impossible for the IHF, the author and/or publisher to be liable to anyone for damages caused by the IHF-practitioner – reader’s reliance or interpretation upon any of the information contained in these pdf documents or website.




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